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[ As the first bell of midnight sounds through the house, one might hear a sort of whispering go through the house, as though many voices are speaking at once, but softly. Completely softly.

Anyone near SORA will see his clothes suddenly drop to the floor, empty, right at the moment that they blink their eyes. Pick up the large shoes, look through the clothes- he's quite gone.

At that same moment, doors will appear in the entryway. Big, strong wooden doors with wrought iron handles that hadn't been there seconds before. The doors fling open and, look, outside!

Everyone is there, waiting for you. Perfectly safe, unharmed, including the two traitors. It feels as though shortly, perhaps, everyone will be returned home.

As though in confirmation, flip open your books to the next blank page. All of the names are once again written in that solid black ink, laid freshly on the page.

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[ Congratulations, players, you have won the game. Feel free to play reunions and the like on this post for as long as you like. ]

Reki -5-

[Reki sits on the floor of her bedroom, silently tearing every page, methodically, one by one, out of her book. They litter the carpet around her. Her wings are mottled with ugly black.]

[As she starts to rip out the last one, it occurs to her that the House, if it felt like it, could drop her randomized vote on Sora's head. Reki makes a grim little spitting sound, and leaves the half-torn leaf where it is, grabbing for a pencil.]


[She scrawls it out and stares at it. After a moment, she writes it again, then again, faster and overlapping until she runs out of space on the leaf and throws the book across the room. It slaps off the wall and hits the floor. Reki stands and shouts at the ceiling, fists clenched.]

Take me! For god's sake, take me and let him live! I should be the traitor, not him!

Episode 6.4

[Apparently, it appears that Sora may disappear soon, though the Doctor is preparing for the worst case scenario, that is if Sora doesn't turn out to be a traitor and the game that they are forced to play continues on. He doesn't have much to work on, but hopefully he can have everyone listening to him soon.

He's in the hallway where he could be heard loud and clear.]

Ahem! May I have everyone's attention!?

Now then, in the case that after this poll is over and it turns out that Sora turns out to NOT be our second traitor, we need to figure out who exactly is. So let's take a look at what we know so far.

One, there are two traitors.
Two, Rose Tyler is one of them.
C, or is it three? Anyway, three, Sora may be traitor number two.

Now we also know that his last vote had killed off our good friend John Sheppard. Now if it turns out that the game continues on tomorrow, we will need to check up on our lists of names. First, the House's list of names, and the list John and Pascal are working on. Which reminds me, Pascal, do you mind if I take a look at what you and John had worked on? Surely we can find something out.

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[ ok, someone's in the middle of a big hall, standing on a chair ] Hey...

Hey everyone!

Unless someone else voted for John, I'm sure I'm the last traitor. My name's Sora. S-o-r-a.

So... everyone can go home now! Well, almost.

And I've got... a favor to ask of anyone who lives by an ocean.

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no. 3

[If you were to walk into the kitchen, you'd see a...rather pathetic sight, really.]

[Belmonde stood at the far end, staring at the ceiling with great concentration. The game was a coming to an end and he needed something before he was locked away in the cloister's basement again, forced to eat carrots.]

House. May I request something?
listening; look at you; crossed arms

Duel 003

[Yzak shuts the door to their room behind him and Dearka with a load bang.
He still looks very angry and sits down on the edge of his bed, crossing his arms and legs and looking straight at his friend, who's still standing by the door.
There is a package on his bed behind him, that he himself has apperantly not recognized.]

We are here now! So you can tell me now why, can't you?

► stalking

α 4

[ Pascal tries in vain to write the name using ink upon his claws, but it simply will not come out as more than shaky, scribbly lines. he doesn't have that level of fine motor control... ]

[ carrying his book in his teeth, he wanders around the house, looking for someone ]

Marquis, I do need your assistance for this final act.

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[ It's quite still in the house, even as the tolls of midnight ring out. Everyone asleep in their beds?


The next morning, CASTIEL'S and JOHN SHEPPARD'S roommates will find them to be still in bed. Even if they weren't there, they're there now! But what's this? Touch them, try to rouse them, and they'll crumble to dust, as though made of fine, silky sand. It's not just where they were touched, either! It's their entire bodies. No blood, just colored sand, the color of skin and clothing and hair and eyes-

Their names are in red in the little books as the new poll appears.

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Marquis de Carabas [4]

[The Marquis paces about the room restlessly. This is taking much too long. He is a very busy man, thank you very much, and he has things he needs to be doing right now. Wallowing about here is useless.]

Excuse me. I believe that there is a detective among us? If they haven't already been killed, of course, in which case this will be of no use. But if the detective is still here, it would, frankly, be of great help for them to reveal their findings. I understand that doing so would pose a great personal risk to him or herself, but it needn't be done publicly. If we could all choose someone we trust, the detective could contact them privately, and we would be able to use anything useful to our advantage. I volunteer myself, of course, if that's an agreeable arrangement.